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Easy Pass


Arcal Easy Pass is a new cleaner designed especially for stainless steel. It removes flash rust and contaminants (such as iron particles from wire wheels) which depassivate the stainless steel and make it susceptible to further corrosion. With proper use, Easy Pass not only leaves stainless steel surfaces free of contamination, but also rebuilds the stainless steel's own passive surface..

Easy Pass combines mild, chelating acid and a surface tension-lowering alcohol with a food-grade thickener. All components are biodegradable and present relatively little risk of injury to people or damage to machinery. Easy Pass balances the need for aggressive cleaning of the contamination with user safety. Easy Pass is mildly acidic. Users should minimize skin contact by use of rubber gloves. This product also contains less than 5% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol typically contains 70%), and may be an eye irritant, so goggles are recommended


1. For citric passivation according to ASTM A967, immerse the parts in Easy Pass or coat them with Easy Pass for at least 20 minutes at 70 – 120 degrees F. Rinse the parts immediately after removal from the solution. A dip in a dilute solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will neutralize any acid, but the final step should be a rinse with clear water. ASTM A 380 describes a similar approach in Table A2.1, Part III. (Nitric passivation is achieved by use of Arcal Passivator 666, H&M, or Compound 302 Plus using appropriate sections of ASTM A967 and/or A380.).

2. To remove flash rust, dip a brush (plastic or aluminum) or non-metallic scouring pad into the thick solution and gently scrub the rusted area using the brush or scouring pad. Easy Pass will loosen and suspend rust, dirt and light oily contamination.

Complete the procedure by flushing the area with plenty of water. Repeat if necessary.

3. The acid in Easy Pass may be neutralized with sodium bicarbonate. One pound of sodium bicarbonate will neutralize approximately 10 quarts of Easy Pass. Sodium bicarbonate may be dissolved in water and sprayed onto treated areas. After neutralization, the solution is safe for all types of plumbing.


• Chemical nature & appearance: Opaqe, thickened, pourable solution.

• Specific gravity: 1.02

• Flash point: >195

• Water solubility: Soluble

• Phosphates: None

• Chelating agents: yes

• Chromium: None

This information is believed to be authentic and correct as determined by laboratory and field-testing. No warranty or guaranteed results are express or implied due to application circumstances and usage beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer.

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