Instant Detailer

and shows spots, wiping more vigorously or spraying more Instant Detailer onto the affected area will produce the desired smooth, glossy appearance. Also, Instant Detailer may be applied by spraying directly to a clean soft cloth, then rubbing onto your car.


  • Appearance: Milky liquid
  • Odor: Coconut
  • Non-hazardous
Arcal Instant Detailer is a silicone emulsion v.o.c. compliant solution, formulated to provide a quick protective sheen to your car or truck finish. Quick and easy, it removes smudges, fingerprints, buffing residue, and light dirt from painted finishes, plastic, chrome and glass.

Application: Use undiluted. Apply preferably in a shady area without direct sun. Spray a light mist onto the surface and wipe gently with a clean soft cloth until dry. If the surface dries too rapidly under hot conditions (dark paint, hot summer sun)

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