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Passivator 666


Arcal's Passivator #666 was developed as a passivating agent for stainless steel, and to work at room temperature, and is also available in gel form; called Passivator 666TK.

During forming, machining, tumbling, lapping and other processing operations, particles of iron may be embedded in or smeared on the surfaces of stainless steel components. If allowed to remain, the iron corrodes and often gives the appearance of large or small rust spots on the stainless steel. In order to prevent this condition, semi-finished or finished parts are given a passivation treatment.

This treatment, which consists of immersing or brushing the stainless steel parts with a solution of Arcal Passivator #666, dissolves the embedded or smeared iron, and restores the original corrosion resistant surface by forming a thin, transparent oxide film.


1. Dilute one part of Passivator #666 with up to two parts water.

2. For best results, use the passivator as is.

3. Dip/immerse pieces or brush this solution onto the surface. The passivator solution should be in contact for 10-30 minutes, depending on the dilution. The optimum solution temperature for effective passivation is from room temperature, or up to 110 degrees F.

4. Remove pieces, then flush with water, and dry.


• Chemical nature & appearance: Clear acid solution

• Specific gravity: 1.16

• Flash point: None

• Water solubility: Soluble

• Phosphates: None

• Chelating agents: None

• Chromium: None

This information is believed to be authentic and correct as determined by laboratory and field-testing. No warranty or guaranteed results are express or implied due to application circumstances and usage beyond the control of the seller or manufacturer.

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